On page optimization, is one kind of practices to optimize a website within the web page that ensures huge traffic for a website. On page optimization techniques depends on different types of factors. All factors are important and also necessary for optimizing a website. On page optimization is also essential for search engines during crawling a website for collecting detailed information. Actually, search engine shows the fully optimized page in the search result’s first page. Today we will share some important on page optimization techniques for a website, which will be helpful to optimize your website.

Write Unique Content

Unique and Fresh Content is the heart of a website. Visitors always try to find unique content and avoid duplicate content. Search engines also reject duplicate content and shows in the last result of searched pages. Duplicate or copy-paste content decrease website rank and sometimes it may violate as spam. Search engines can read the article and keeps unique content in the top search result page. Sometimes search engines ban a website for copyright violation. Original, effective, unique content is so important for a website before starting on page optimization.

Use Keywords

Right keyword in the right place can give huge traffic into a website. A keyword is so important for getting visitors and keyword related ads in a website. For this reason, Keyword Placement is an important part in on page optimization. You can find your website’s keywords by two techniques. First one is Manual Keyword Research and the second one is software based keyword research. You can use Google Adwords Keywords Planner to find the perfect keywords for your website.

Use Title tags

A post title is the most important part of an article. It gives a proper idea to visitors about the article. Most of the visitors just read the title of an article. If the title is not attractive or article related then visitors do not read the article and visit another website. For this reason, a nice title is so important for a website. Search engines also give importance to h1 tags of an article. If you are a Blogspot user then you need to customize h1 tag because it is one type of on page optimization.

Use Meta tags

Meta tags give detailed information to search engines about a website. Different types of information like website’s keywords, description, author name, author email address, location, copyright protection etc gives to search engines as an identity of the website. Meta tags enhance on page optimization of a website.

Write Meta Description

Meta description is the summary of a website. It helps to visitors and search engines to get a proper idea about the website and its content. Search engines can easily keep a website in a right category. In the search result page, search engines show the meta description to visitors.

Use Alt tags In Images

Alt tag customization is another type of on page optimization. Search engines can not read images. For this reason, alternative tags (alt tag) helps search engines to identify an image and search engines can index the image very easily. Sometimes due to website loading problem image can not load properly then alt tags help visitors to give an idea of the image.

Use User Friendly URL

URL structure is important for visitors. SEO friendly URL helps visitors to find an article or document very easily. Visitors can easily memorize friendly URLs and it ensures visitors again come back to the website. Breadcrumb navigation is very effective for visitors. It ensures proper navigation and reduces bounce rate of a website.

Give Emphasis On Internal Linking

Internal linking is an important part of on page optimization. It is helpful for good navigation to visitors and search engines. As a result, visitors stay long duration in a website and surf different pages, which is helpful for decreasing the bounce rate of a website. Search engines also crawl properly a website. Home page button in the top area is helpful for visitors.

Integrate High DA External Links

Some web developers do not give importance at external links in a website. But it is important for a website. External links give importance to search engines for getting higher page rank. Generally, a website can not contain all information or may lack any information. For this reason, search engines find external links to take a decision on the website that the website is real or scam. For best on page optimization use do-follow external links which have higher page rank and high domain authority. In the comment section always use no-follow tag otherwise spam links may affect your site’s page rank and page reputation.

Use Keyword Based Anchor Text

Anchor text may be internal links or external links. In on page optimization, it helps to visit from one webpage to another webpage. Keyword related anchor text gives better results in search engine optimization. Most of the search engines can index maximum 100 links in a page of a website. So it is very important to keep less than 100 links on a single web page.

Submit Sitemap To Search Engines

A sitemap is the total layout of a website. Sitemaps are two types. First one is for visitors, which is called HTML sitemap and the second one is for robots or search engines, which is called XML sitemap. By HTML sitemap, a visitor can easily surf the whole website and by XML sitemap search engines can get proper information about the website.

Use Right Robot.txt

Robot.txt is an important part of on page optimization. It helps in proper crawling a website. It also helps for indexing web pages and shows in search result pages. It can protect/hide the sensitive contents of a website during indexing.

Increase Web Page Loading Speed

Web page loading speed is very important for on page optimization. Just think your website is fully prepared for visitors. Your website has a good design and also lots of informative contents. But your website takes more time for loading, then what will happen? All your hard works will be meaningless and day-by-day website loses huge traffic, popularity and also reputation. For this reason, you must increase your website loading speed.

Analyse Website

Analyzing a website gives the proper idea and different types of information like visitor’s type, keyword’s ideas, bounce rate, browser type etc about a website, which is essential during optimizing a website, especially for on page optimization. You can use Google Analytics for analyzing your website. This tool is very helpful for web development. This Google’s tool is free and very effective.

Responsive Design For Website

Day by day a good part of web searches are done by mobile devices. In upcoming days search engines will give more emphasis on responsive web design than the regular design. So during design, your website choose a responsive theme for your website, which is compatible on all devices, SEO friendly and fast loading.

Both on page optimization and off page optimization are important for website ranking and getting visitors. So follow both techniques in your website for getting the better results.

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