Domain Authority (DA) is one of the most popular terms in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is created and developed by Moz and used to measure the strength of a domain name in search engine ranking. Actually, it is calculated on a logarithmic scales from 0 to 100 points. Domain Authority (DA) is based on three important factors- Age, Popularity & Size. You know that search engines especially giant Google always want to show trusted websites to top search results. Through Domain Authority (DA), you can easily understand the position of your website in search ranking. For this reason, Domain Authority (DA) is very important for a website. Higher Domain Authority (DA) means higher ranking to search results. SEOMoz said that Domain Authority (DA) is calculated based on over 40 different signals. So your website’s Domain Authority (DA) may fluctuate if you don’t take care of every factor. For this reason, you need to improve the overall SEO. So let see how to improve Domain Authority (DA) step by step.

Benefits of Having a Higher Domain Authority (DA)

  • Website or blog get better ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
  • Get more traffic to your website or blog.
  • Increase credibility & trustworthiness to all.
  • Get more advertiser for your website or blog.

1. Improve Site Structure
A user-friendly structure is very important for a website or blog. For this reason, you need to give emphasis on On Page Optimization. Reducing site loading time, title optimization, meta tag optimization, content optimization with proper keywords, breadcrumbs, URL structure, removal of broken links etc are some example of On page Optimization. Always use a no-follow tag for outgoing and comment links which are not relevant to your site.

2. Write High Quality & SEO Friendly Content
Content is the king for a website or blog. Always write new, research-based, amazing & unique content that your visitors come back to your site again and again. If you have high-quality contents then other sites absolutely would love to link to your website or blog. As a site size is an important factor, so you need to publish good quality content regularly.

3. Create In-depth Internal Links
Always give emphasis on in-depth internal linking. Good navigation is helpful for both audience and search engines. You can practice a good technique for internal linking. Just link your new content with your older one. this technique works well for quick indexing and higher ranking. But be concerned about broken links. Only broken links may destroy all your hard works.

4. Be Active on Social Networks
Social networks are a great place to engage with tons of audiences. Always share your contents to social networks to get maximum benefits of social medias. Create Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, Google+ Page, LinkedIn account, Pinterest account, StumbleUpon account and other most popular social media accounts for your website or blog. Integrate most popular share buttons in your site. This technique will improve not only search engine ranking but also Domain Authority (DA) of your site. Overnight you can’t get lots of followers but day-by-day the followers of your site will increase dramatically.

5. Be Connected With Other Relevant Bloggers
It’s a great technique to bring new audience when you are connected with well-known Bloggers. Always choose high ranking and popular sites which are relevant to your niche. You can exchange quality contents and it’s a great technique for getting quality backlinks.

6. Create Natural & Strong Link Having High PR & High DA
Still we need juicy back-links to keep the traffic flowing and the search engines pleased. Strong back-links are significant for getting higher Domain Authority (DA). Just remember little quantity high-quality backlinks always better than thousands of low-quality backlinks. If you have quality contents in your site then you can get naturally lots of back-links when you will sleep. Always maintain link diversity, means lots of links from different types of sites and sources. You need to sure higher inbound links than outbound links for higher Domain Authority (DA).

7. Upload Videos & Presentations
You can upload videos and slideshow presentation on popular sharing sites just like- YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SlideShare, AuthorStream, BrainShark, Powershow etc. This practice is helpful not only for getting quality backlinks but also for Branding.

8. Infographic
Now-a-days infographic is a great idea for getting backlinks. Publish a good quality infographic on research work that give you tons of back-links with huge visitors.

9. Analyze Your Competitors
You need to analyze your competitor’s site and try to find out the reasons for higher Domain Authority (DA). Fond out their strong back-links and reasons of popularity. Then compare with your site and try to overcome your weakness.

After doing all things,  you can’t get the best result overnight. You need to keep patience until your success.