If you are a WordPress site owner then it is a common matter how to secure WordPress site from hackers. Every day lots of hackers try to hack and it is very tough to secure WordPress site. A single mistake can make success to hackers to hack your website. If you have a little knowledge about coding then you can follow below techniques to secure WordPress site from hackers. So let see.

1. Choose The Best Web Hosting
Every web hosting server has its own security system. It can protect initial hacker’s attack. A good web hosting not only gives a hosting space but also give good security for a website. Before starting a WordPress site choose a popular web hosting provider.

2. Change Default WordPress Username
When you are installing WordPress by default the administrator username set as “admin“. Hackers always target this default username. Change the default username to secure WordPress site. In your WordPress dashboard follow below steps to change default username.

Go to Users >> Add New. Then type a new username, fill up other areas and set Administrator in the Role area. Then click Add New User. A new user account will add to your WordPress site. Then log out and again login using the new username and password. Now delete the default username and your task is done.

3. Use A Strong Password
A strong password is very important to secure WordPress site. Never use a dictionary word or common password. Because in Brute Force Attack hackers use all possible dictionary words and common passwords to get access a website. Use at least 10 characters total, a mixture of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, punctuation and non-alphanumeric characters. Must change the password after a specific period, just like 60 days or less time.

4. Keep Everything Up To Date
You need to keep everything up to date. Always update to new version of website theme, WordPress version and plugins when they are available. Because every new update fixed lot of bugs and secure WordPress site than the previous one. You may face parse error problem when you will try to update WordPress theme or plugin. Don’t worry it’s a very common problem and you can fix it easily.

5. Create Backup of WordPress Website
Regular backup ensures more security for WordPress site. You can use plugins to create a backup of your website. WP-DBManager is a very popular backup plugin for WordPress site. You can use this plugin to create a backup daily or weekly or monthly basis and secure WordPress site.

6. Remove Unwanted Plugin
Always remove unwanted or unused plugins to secure WordPress. Also, remove the plugins which are not updating for a long time. Always use updated and essential plugins which really need for your website.

7. Enable Limit login
Limit login is very important to secure WordPress from Brute Force Attack. I already say about Brute Force Attack. Hackers use all possible username, password and lots of IP address to hack a website. By using Login LockDown plugin, you can stop unauthorized access very easily. Set maximum 3 times limit login for a specific IP address to secure WordPress.

8. Setup CloudFlare DNS Level Protection
CloudFlare is a very popular web application, which provides a content delivery network (CDN) and distributed proxy server. It secures WordPress website from DDoS attacks, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, comment spam, excessive bot crawling and malware. Use CloudFlare to ensure high protection for your site. Don’t worry basic ClousFlare service is totally free.

9. Use Akismet To Remove Spam Comment
Akismet is a great plugin for WordPress user. It is an anti-spam plugin which secures WordPress comments. Just like it can automatically remove spam comments, worst spam and also integrate with the contact form to protect from spam mail. Install Akismet and keep spam free.

10. Stop Crawl Spider From Indexing Admin Section
Web spiders can crawl everything of a website. You can use Robots.txt file to control web spiders. Proper Robots.txt can secure WordPress site from wrong content indexing.

Above techniques are very simple and can give enough security to your WordPress site. Now it’s your time to secure WordPress site from hackers. If you face any problem then you can ask through the comment box below.