If you are interested in affiliate marketing then you may face problem during affiliate link management. Most of the affiliate links are long in size and ugly looking. For this reason, sometimes you may need to hide or shrink your affiliate link. To solve this problem you can use WordPress plugins. Here are some best WordPress plugins for easy affiliate link management.

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Pretty Link Lite

Pretty link lite is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for affiliate link customization.


  • Customizable slug name.
  • Track the number of unique hits per link.
  • Has a details chart of clicks per day.
  • Show statistics of every click, including IP address, remote host, browser, operating system and referring site.
  • Click report is downloadable in CVS format.
  • Intuitive JavaScript/AJAX admin user interface.
  • Support to exclude IP address from stats.
  • You can send Pretty Links through email from your WordPress admin.
  • Cookie based tracking system.
  • Organize links into groups.
  • Support no follow, no index, tracking on/off.


  • Only allow 301 and 307 redirections. Cloaked redirection, JavaScript redirection, Meta refresh redirection not available in free version.
  • Google Analytics Tracking, automatic keyword, URL replacement also absent in free version.

How to use Pretty Link Lite:
After download and installation, activate the plugin. Then go to Pretty Link >> Add New Link. Fill up redirection type, target URL, new pretty link, title and add no-follow if the link is temporary. Then click Create button. Now your Pretty Link is almost ready to use. Copy paste the new pretty link and use anywhere as your need.

Here is an example of my Payoneer Affiliate link. This link is very big and unattractive.

After customization, the new pretty link is small in size and more attractive than the previous one.



Download » Pretty Link Lite


This is another great affiliate link customization plugin. This plugin also works enough good. You can integrate your affiliate links with an image, graphics and banner through this plugin.


  • Inbuild affiliate link shortening and integrate anywhere.
  • Support commission protected affiliate link 301 redirections.
  • Customizable affiliate link URL prefix.
  • Have an inbuilt handy affiliate link picker tool.
  • Support Dofollow/Nofollow and new window option for global or per link.
  • Import, Export and Backup compatible.
  • Support link integration with an image, graphics and banner.


  • Autolinker, In-depth status, Google click tracking, CVS importer and geographically redirection are not available in free version.

Download » ThirstyAffiliates

WP Wizard Cloak

If you have lots of affiliate links and forget to integrate with different keywords then this plugin is for you. This plugin can automatically replace keywords with affiliate links.


  • Track every click in details (Browser type, IP Address, Country and Referring URLs).
  • Clicks report available in CVS format.
  • Provided keywords automatically turn into a link.
  • Country specific link cloaking is available.
  • Automatically match existing URLs.
  • Customizable link URL prefix.


  • You can not use the same keyword for different links.

Download » WP Wizard Cloak

WP Cloaker

This plugin supports third party tracking code which is awesome for deep statistics.


  • Support custom redirection type 301, 302, 303 and 307 redirection.
  • Support JavaScript redirection.
  • Category redirection.
  • Detail statistics. (IP address, date/time, country and so on).
  • Support third party tracking code.


  • Lack of full control.

Download » WP Cloaker

Simple Link Cloaker

This is a simple and light weighted plugin.


  • Simple, fast and easy.


  • Allow only 301 permanent redirections and 302 temporary redirections.
  • Missing of statistics.
  • Link structure limited customizable.

Download » Simple Link Cloaker

Simple URLs

It is a very simple and easy URL management WordPress plugin.


  • Simple and easy
  • You can create, edit, delete and manage URLs through your Admin menu.
  • Support statistics


  • Only support 301 redirection
  • Statistics insufficient. Only count clicks.

Download » Simple URLs