What is Social Content Locker?
In some websites during your surfing, you may notice an area written as Like or Share To Unlock This Content/Download Link. Until you like or share the page you can’t see the locked content/link. This cool feature is called Social Content Locker. Social Content Locker is used to lock content’s part, page, download link or any other thing which is interesting to visitors. Most of the social content lockers are premium and you need to pay. But there are some free Social Content Lockers also available which are enough good and easy to use. In this article, I will introduce with some free Social Content Lockers. Before adding a Social Content Locker, you should need to know the benefits of using it. So let see.

Why should you use Social Content Locker?
As a blogger, you must have some good articles at your website/blog. Most of the time visitors just read the articles but don’t give a feedback. By using Social Content Locker plugin, you can force them to give a support to your valuable article. Without a viral post, you can get lots of social traffic and quality followers by using the social content locker plugin. The ultimate result is your site’s traffic will increase, improve ranking, social activity and also popularity.

Where will you use Social Content Locker?

  • The valuable part of a content/page.
  • Free download links of a software, a theme or a free ebook.
  • Special discount links or promotion links.
  • Any other place where visitors will have an attraction to know the hidden things.

OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker is a very popular free content locker plugin for its cool styles and advanced analytics. You can lock/hide your content very easily with this plugin. Locked content doesn’t open until the visitor likes, shares, tweets or plus one the article/page. Through this plugin, you can lock any part of your content. It has built-in advanced analytical feature, cool attracting design and effects. This plugin is also SEO friendly, support 4 types of lock, compatible with the visual composer, optimized for mobile devices and load very fast.

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Automatic Social Locker

By using this plugin, you can lock the whole content of an article/page. This plugin automatically enables a pop-up and lock the whole content until visitors like, plus one or tweet the desired URL. You can use this plugin for all pages, all posts or individual page and post.

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Social Lock

This plugin is specially optimized for a link. You can use this plugin to lock your download link, discount link, promotional link. Visitors can not get the download link until they like, plus one or tweet the page.

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Facebook Content Locker

Do you need more Facebook likes, shares or followers? Then use this plugin. This plugin is specially optimized for Facebook and only works for Facebook. You can lock your site’s content, any page/post and only visible to visitors if they click the Facebook Like Button. The special feature of this plugin is it can automatically detect who clicked the like button and who don’t.

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You can use any one of these WordPress plugins. After installing the plugin select the right place wisely to get maximum benefits of it.