Moving from one server to another is not an easy decision. In my article I’m going to give you some important points about moving to cloud hosting from dedicated. After reading these points I think you can decide what will be beneficial for you.


Cost: it is a very important thing to give a look over cost before taking any decision. A dedicated web hosting service will charge you a high amount of down payment. In addition, you will need a team of experts to manage your website. On the contrary, cloud web hosting service believes in paying as much as you use. Their contract depends on the time you are using and the service you are taking.


Hardware: if you want to process a large amount of data at a time your dedicated server may lag due to technical reasons. But it is easy to process a large amount of data at a time in cloud web hosting service.


Scalability: the scalability is always smooth in dedicated web hosting service. As you the only user of your own server, you will never see slowness. But in a cloud web hosting service, the smoothness depends on the number of users using the server in same time.


Technology: the cheapest and best maintenance apps like BYOD, Gamification, PaaS, Hybrid Cloud etc. is mainly available in cloud web hosting service.


APIs: the best thing about cloud is it is allow you some APIs to have virtual tools. On the other side, dedicated has a fixed structure.


Stable environment: there is no doubt that dedicated web hosting services are more stable. But for instant boosting you need a cloud web hosting service. Cloud can maintain a large number of files at a time where dedicated may lag.


Control power: as a dedicated web hosting service allows you to own the entire server you will have the best controlling power with dedicated web hosting service. But cloud is one type of sharing web host. So you cannot have the total power in your pocket.


Economy: if you see a web hosting service economically then cloud will be the best. Because in a cloud web hosting service you will pay only for your used bandwidth and data space. It is a shared web host. So your unused resources will be given to others. But in a dedicated web hosting service you have to pay for a fixed package whether you are using it fully or not. So cloud web hosting service will be best from this point of view.


Sharing: as I have mentioned before cloud web hosting service is a shared web hosting. So you have to share your resources like storage capacity with others. It will initially cause some security issues as well. But when you are in a dedicated web hosting service, you have the full authority of your server. So you need nothing to share. It is also much secured.


I think you have some idea about the differences about dedicated web hosting service and shared web hosting service. Hopefully you can choose the best one for you now.