Most of us have started their websites on shared servers so “managed hosting is not a well-recognized term to us. In this article there will be a small try of mine to introduce the managed web hosting service to you.


Managed web hosting is one type of web hosting where the administration of hardware, software, operating system etc. are rightfully Controlled by the hosting company. Though the user has the right to access to the administration of these things but rarely can use. It is a system of leasing things.


First of all you have to know that manage web hosting services are pretty expensive. i know the definition of this term is a little Bit confusing. i will try my best to remove your confusion and give you a basic idea of managed hosting throughout the post.


The reason behind the unmanaged hosting being so cheap is very simple. You can get the reason from the name. There is no management Service here. You have to do the smallest and the most unimportant things with your own hand here. Even the basic works like failed Component replacement, network maintenances, rebooting etc. there are many software’s to do this works instead of you. But in an unmanaged web hosting sever this software’s have no work to do. There is no capacity of installing these. The security issue is more sensitive. You have to check every security issue by yourself. You have keep an eye on it every moment. Moreover, most of the servers Don’t have a suitable Cpanel ! A good thing must not be judged by its price. Here comes the benefits of managed web hosting service. Here you can get a preinstalled sever set up. A well architected cpanel, a strong security system and most importantly a plenty of Capacity to install supporting software’s. Managed web host services gives a 24/7 monitoring service and an automatic back up service. For a website, traffic is one of the big problems. The DDOS attack is like a disaster now. Managed web hosting gives an ultimate Defense to stop this types of problem and makes your website easily reachable to your user.

But it’s a matter of concern that a managed web hosting service charges very much. It you get stuck to any problem even a basic one, it will charge you hourly for the solution.



Besides the costing issue a managed web hosting service is full of benefits and if you can bear the costings then you Must choose a managed web hosting service.