If you are willing to run a website you need something to know then. A website needs to have a web hosting service. Now what is a web hosting service? A web hosting service is a platform to let the accessibility of your website throughout the world via World Wide Web. There are various types of web hosting services. Each of them has special characteristics and specifications.

For the very first, you need to know what is cloud computing or hosting. A cloud hosting is based on a shared pool of resources to create a world wide access. There are two types of cloud hosting. This are-

  • Private cloud hosting
  • Public cloud hosting

If you are searching for a secured and highly professional web service then private cloud hosting is the best option. It ensures the benefits of the cloud hosting in a more secure way. A private cloud operates as a cloud host means it will run various websites from single physical computer resources but the accessibility of the server is tightly secured and only the registered persons can operate. The service providing agency holds a great control over it.


It is quite difficult to describe the mechanism of a private cloud hosting service. It depends on the offers provided by the service providers. The most effective this is that the provider will promise you to give the maximum security for your website. All the financial websites are run under private cloud hosting. The local access networks shortly LAN providers use private cloud hosting.

There is a technique that is used by the private cloud hosting service provider. To ensure maximum security they divided the pool of resources to their customers and gives restrictions to enter another firewall.

A private cloud hosting service is run by a single organization. That means the only one organization have the accessibly to the management and only one company has control over it. It makes it more secure.

A private cloud hosting service is very cost efficient. As it divides the resources to various customers.

One can choose what he needed. It is a complete offer that one can easily manage to get.

Private cloud hosting services are mainly popular for its reliability. As the resources are shared and access is restricted. So if some portion is hacked of get damaged the whole service never gets shut. So it is very much dependable as it has enough back up option.

There is another term called Cloud bursting in the field of private cloud hosting. It is a connecting bridge of private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting. Some private cloud hosting service provide offers Cloud bursting. It helps to get the benefits of a public cloud hosting with the ensurence of secured website. It allows to send some non-sensitive functions under a public cloud to fee some space.