Cloud Virtual private server mostly known as cloud VPS is one type of dedicated hosting service. But from the name you can easily get that is has no physical existence. This the main difference between a cloud dedicated hosting and a cloud VPS hosting. In fact this is uniqueness of this type of hosting. Actually its main feature is to serve multiple websites at a time. When you have numerous websites in different OS platforms you don’t have any choice but cloud VPS hosting. The cloud VPS hosting consists of a web server program. A File Transfer Protocol, a mail server program and some unique activities as e-commerce and blogging. The blessing of cloud VPS hosting  is considered for its facility to use multiple servers. 


Working process of cloud vps hosting:

               This services works like a physical server but it is a virtual one. cloud vps hosting allows you to get a private space among the others. That means you are in a public server but getting the work space of a private one.


How to make the choice:

                       First you need to think about two things. One what is an ideal web hosting service in your eyes and second, what type of web hosting service you want managed or unmanaged. It’s a good thing is both of these services are available in cloud VPS hosting. In one word the process of cloud VPS hosting is simply signing up and paying onwards. Once you are signed you will be connected to a domain and all the management system will automatically be installed.  Cloud VPS  hosting is very worthy as an unmanaged web hosting. But if you want it as a managed one. Then you need to pay some extra charges. Cloud VPS hosting is a better option than a shared web hosting service if you want to make a larger website. It gives you a much better and larger disk space. This will be very useful if you are planning to set up an e-commerce site.



         Depending on the provider the benefits can be differ-

* High class security and privacy.

* Special and smoother and faster rebooting system.

* Auto upload and installing new soft wares.

* Ability of hosting numerous websites.

* customize firewall configurations.

If you have a dedicated system administration system you can get a hardware maintenance for the hosting service provider with some additional costs.



                      Though cloud VPS hosting is full of benefits, it also have some disadvantages as well. As it remains in virtual it has the limitation in-


* Processor timing

* Bandwidth

But these limitations can be customize with additional costs. Some complex and bigger applications do not run here because of the lacking of RAM. It has less capability because of the virtual environment.