Web hosting is the most arising business at present time. There are various types of web hosting services. But when it’s about doing business, there is always a question mark for the best one to decide. After reseaching a lot I’ve found two of all the web hosting services those have actual value from the view of business. These two are

  • Dedicated hosting service
  • Shared web hosting service

I’ve found one thing. Almost all the web hosting users I talked they have shared one common experience with me. It has happened several times with them, waking up at morning and finding that theirs bandwidth limit is exceeded. But it is unbearable for them to have a huge bandwidth limit. A good qualified product is never cheap. But now what can I do? This article is for those who have this question also. Let’s go through it.

Shared hosting:

Let’s talk directly. If you are willing to set up a small online business, you have no other choice but shared web hosting service. The meaning of this web hosting service is lying in its name. It means you are sharing your server with someone else. The offers offered by shared web hosting services are almost same. Here I’m gonna give a brief outlook of the most common offers. The prime offer of a shared web hosting service is it allows to host as much as web you want. The other main features are the disk storage space and bandwidth limit. All the offers have definite packages. It means you can buy these features only by bundles not individually. If you are having many confusion then I suggest you to devide your plan in small portions and start with shared web hosting service. For starters shared web hosting service is the best option to choose.


Dedicated web hosting service:

If you are planing to run a huge website containg lots of items then you are fit for using a dedicated web hosting service. It means you are the lord of your own server. It allows you to do whatever you want. Limitless storage and bandwidth are the main attractions here. The most pleasent part is it the most secured web hosting service ever.

There are two different types of dedicated web hosting service according to the cofort of using. These are-

  • Managed web hosting
  • Unmanaged web hosting

Managed web hosting:

The name is surely giving some idea what type it can be. In simple words, this type of dedicated web hosting service provides technical supports to maintain your website. Every day there are a new updated version is releasing for your web management accessories. This supporting facility maintaince all of this work to have an up to date web site by charging you some extra money.


Unmanaged web hosting service :

Now you are easily guessing what type of dedicated web hosting service. But its completely not like that as you thinking. You will have some technical supports. It will install what you want. But it will only work under your recomandations.and will only charge you the maintainance fee as well