Web hosting service is one kind of internet hosting service. It is the process and a way to make a website approachable to everyone through World Wide Web (www). Various companies provide this web hosting service. Choosing a better and fast web hosting service is one of the moat required thing in the world of web business. There are some tips and tricks to choose a fast web hosting service.

  1. Location of the web hosting data center:

The location of the data center has a great effect on the speed of your website. You have to make your location as close to your users as you can. If your server is nearer to your users that means they are facing less balk in response. So your users can load the pages faster. Their applications will not go for a hang. This means users will find your website very smooth and easy to access.

  1. Hardware selection:

The meaning of hardware means your CPU, Ram and storage facilities. This properties are very essential and have important role for the speed of your website. The accessibility of your website database storage facility. The smoothness of the applications depends on the capacity of your ram. So to optimize your website speed you need to establish a balance between your facilities and needs.

  1. The network latency factor of web hosting:

There are many lads who have their data center near to their users but cannot having a faster website. They cannot even find the answer behind this. Because a data center location cannot have the guarantee of a faster website with a perfect network system. You need to choose a network provide whose service has less network delay. Buying a web hosting means buying a structure of web support. Always try to choose a service which has best switches, fiber optic support and best bandwidth provider.

  1. Traffic and bandwidth:

If your website is getting tremendous amount of hits every time then there is a huge possibility of getting traffic. Traffic problem is one of the reasons behind slow website performance. There are many website hosting provider which do not describe the traffic matter. These service will give you trouble in future. Here comes the bandwidth matter when you are having serious traffic, simply upgrade your bandwidth range. For example, if your have a website of 1 TB and having so much traffic then simply upgrade 3 TB and make it smooth again.

  1. “CDN” investment:  

“CDN” means “Content Delivery Network”. It is a distribution system. It is a way to access in multiple data center via internet. When your user have the facility to access to your website with a multiple number of accessibilities. Then you will get huge amount of views. It is very easy to install. CDN reduces traffic and time of loading of a page. This is one of the most useful way to speed ypur website up.

This are the tips to optimize the speed of your website. Hope you have find it useful. Keep reading all my articles to know more about web hosting.