What is free web hosting?

The web hosting service is mainly offered by the web hosting companies to use their web hosting service as a trial. The web hosting companies offer free hosting in their server and for that they forced you to show ads of their hosting company for publicity. But also there are hosting companies which are offering you ads free web hosting. They offer free web hosting in limitation for a limited time for that you can experience their service. And so you like to use their premier versions.

Limitation on free web hosting:

In free web hosting service, like limited bandwidth and disk space and controlling multiple website. The amounts of Bandwidth and disk space are not that much insufficient to for adding multiple domains or create a multimedia website like video, image or music downloading website. It is the one of the most major limitation in free hosting. Most of the free web hosting companies offer sub domain like

or as a directory as ( When you use free offer, they tell you again and again to convert your convert in a premier version.

In many free webs hosting service, you cannot upload files which can be downloaded from your website and you cannot upload files above 5 MB. Some free hosting service does not support FTP accounts.

The trial period of free web hosting usually remain from 15 days to 1 year.

Top free web hosting companies:


Banzai hosting company offers his customers free web hosting as ‘Altervista’ which offers you with 1 GB disk space and 15 GB/mo bandwidth. The service support FTP accounts and the most important thing is it is ads free and support HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and java.


Jimbo offers its clients 500 MB Disk space with unlimited Bandwidth. But Jimdo does not support FTP upload and you cannot upload more than 10 MB file at time. This free hosting service force you to show ads on your sites.


Google offers you two type of web hosting.

  1. You have no domain and you want to create your own website. For this reason, Google offers you BlogSpot service. Here your Domain will be a site domain of BlogSpot ( BlogSpot offers you unlimited disk space and bandwidth. But you can upload upto 20MB at a time.
  2. You have own a domain name and you want to use Google free hosting service for your domain. You can add your domain in . it offers you 100 MB storage with 1GB/day bandwidth.

Ucoz Media:

Ucoz media offers free web hosting service as ‘Ucoz’ with 400 MB storage and unlimited bandwidth. Ucoz is FTP upload supported and you can upload up to 15 MB at a time. But it is not ads free.


Weebly is similar to Google BlogSpot. It will offer you unlimited storage and bandwidth but your domain name will be like and will not get the proper control of it. If you want to use your own domain name, you have to buy premier versions.


WordPress is also same as Google BlogSpot. It will offer you 3 GB storage with unlimited bandwidth. It does not support FTP upload and you can upload unlimited size of file.