Well, choosing a web host is not an easy task. Web hosting services are not a piece of apple. There are lots of web hosting services available in the market. Each of them has different uses in different platforms. A wise person will choose a web hosting service with the combination of his need and budget. If you only aware of choosing a host at a cheap rate then I must say you are mistaking. You cannot find the best option for you. But if you are searching for a web host according to your need and your money then the possibility of choosing the right one will increase gradually.

Now let’s get to the main aspects. The factors that I’ve described above take me to the main point. I’m talking about Linux web hosting server. Let me clear first Linux web hosting server is under Dedicated Web Hosting Services. And the article is based on the comparison of Linux and Windows Web Hosting Server.


The Benefits: If you see the E-Commerce websites you will find that most of these websites are under Linux web hosting server. It is now one of the leading operating system. It is the most chosen web server at present. Moreover, world’s top 10 fastest super computers are running by Linux operating system.

The most pleasing part of Linux is, it is very reliable. It can easily be installed both in hardware and software. Its scalability to business is unbeatable. For better maintenance, reliability and scalability there is no comparison of Linux web server.


The Affordability: As a dedicated server you may find it a bit costly. But as you should not judge a book by its cover, here are some outlines about its affordability. The cost system is divided into several parts. First come to set up. Its set up cost is as low as a shared one. In addition, the operating system is full free. The reason behind is it is an open source. The technology using by Linux will allow you to get and update it any time you want. It has some advanced applications to deal with it. If you have fixed budget you can make the best use of that via Linux web hosting server.


Safety: Safety & Security is one of the most important features that you need to see before using a web server. There are some pre-installed security options in Linux such as anti-spyware, malware & firewall. As a dedicated server you have the full control over administration panel. So no one can pass the security barrier without your permission. As you are the full owner of your storage space and bandwidth Linux server assures you to have the maximum speed.


Dependable: you are running s website. If it is a professional one then there must be something classified in the set up of your website. Linux web server is so safe that you can riley on its technical group. Moreover you can add as much server as you want without any jam because of its scalability.

Linux will provide you the best you can get in your budget