Reseller hosting one of the kind of web hosting service which allows to have the right to use the bandwidth and drivers storage space of a website to a third party. The reseller acts as a renter who allots the facilities to another party. The reseller’s purchases it as wholesale and sells to others. It is a very profitable method of owning a hosting service for both buyer and seller.


The explanation:

                 Reseller web hosting service is a very simple type of service. i think an example can make it much easier to you. Suppose, you have a house consists of 3 floors. Now you live in the 1st floor and the other floors have no need for you. So to utilize these floors you sent those on rent. So you have used those non using assets of yours and earned revenue! Reseller web hosting service is just like this. You own a huge amount of storage space and bandwidth. A reasonable part of this is not being used by you but you are still paying for that. Reseller hosting service allows you to send these spaces on rent on behalf of a third party. The working process is-


* You can use the web hosting service as your own and it will be completely hidden to your clients that the hosting service you are using is on rent.


* You can get a lot disk space, domain host and bandwidth at a cheaper rate


* You can get all the features of your parental web host.



         If you are not able to maintain the cost of a full web host then reseller web hosting is best for you. Because it allows you to pay monthly. Moreover you can be able to get the benefits of a private hosting like more bandwidth with less traffic. It will add the facilities of a large web host too. So by paying less you are able to get high quality services. This is the best way to get a host for the beginners.



          Almost all the reseller web hosting service possess quite a reputation. But there are many more which are not. Be careful. Check the host before taking their service. Another thing is some reseller hosting services are not capable of giving all the features of the parent hosting company and some use to take a high cost for the extra features. Notice these points before purchase.



          As I said before, reseller web hosting service is the most beneficial service for the beginners. But as a beginner, there are some simple things that you need to know-


* Do some research on the web hosting services.

* Consider the ability of your website’s user number. Assume it.

* Determine the category of your website

* Determine the price you can afford

* Follow the instruction given by the parent host.


Some reseller web hosts:


hostpapa: it’s a private reseller hosting service. It will cost you $20/month. Here you have the freedom of setting your own packages.

TMD hosting: It is a private level hosting. Costs $10/month. It has a 24/7 support center.

247-Host: It is also a private level hosting. Here you can set your own packages then the price will be determined. it has a limitless domain host. it gives discount on longer term service.

coolhandle: it is a private level web host with a cost of $20/month. It has no limit on acquisition.

go daddy: it is one of the largest web hosting service. It is also a private level host. It has fixed price and fixed features of 150 GB disk space and 1500 GB bandwidth.