To set up a website the primary need is to have a web hosting service. Through the web hosting service you can make your website accessible to the world. But there are a lot of web hosting services available. So you can easily get confused choosing a single one. In this article I’m going to give you a brief review about cloud hosting service.

A cloud hosting service uses a third party to connect you with the World Wide Web. It is mostly like a shared web hosting service with the benefit of dedicated hosting service. You can say that it is a combination of both of those services. But if you look far deeper then you will find there are some significant differences between these. In below I’m going to show you some main differences between a cloud web hosting service and a dedicated web hosting service.


Performance: By any means, you have to have a good performance from your web hosting service. It is the prime quarry. The performance given by a dedicated hosting service is unbeatable. It will provide you the full controlling power of your server. The storage capacity as well as the bandwidth issue is quite solved here. In my previous articles I’ve shown you how a dedicated hosting service works. In a cloud hosting service, the facilities are divided in to several users like a shared one. It is a benefit that a cloud web id configured in such a way that no one can guess the actual user limit of you. It prevents the eye of hackers. But there is a problem as well. As no one can see your limit of bandwidth if any co holder of your server uploads a large file you will face an immediate slowness on your server.


Transparency: You need transparency during debugging. It is also a term of reliability. Reliability is an asset of a web server. As a shared one, cloud hosting service will give you a headache. The co users of your sever can set an impact in your works. They can see what you are doing. So there is a less reliability in a cloud web hosting service. Though unlike a shared host, cloud has some policy to give you privacy but there are some leakages. So your information’s are not in a full security. But in a dedicated hosting service it is fully secured with guarantee.


Redundancy: The cloud hosting services are not reluctant at all. For an example, you are in a node of your cloud server. So if for some reason your node dies your workplace will be gone. A website takes a time to be set up. If your workplace somehow collapses you have to build the whole data entries again. In a dedicated web hosting service this topic is completely an unknown one.

Complexity: Complexity is not a good thing. As a cloud hosting service is reductant, it is a very complex one. It means the control panel is not an easy stuff. For an example, you need to associate your IP address each time you start. A dedicated hosting service has a simple control panel which has an individual administrator. So the maintenance is quite easy there.

Scalability: As a shared one, cloud hosting does not allow to have unlimited resources. So you cannot scale your resources as you want. But in a dedicated hosting service it is possible.

Though a dedicated hosting service is a costly one, but if you look at the services its providing it is quite smart to choose and go dedicated.