Now the exchange rate in the higher dollar, thus making the cost of the investment to meet infrastructure needs it is becoming increasingly high. This happens because the IT infrastructure is still dependent on the price of the currency exchange rate of the dollar, so the impact on the cost price of the infrastructure itself. Now, with the high price of the dollar, could you imagine for yourself how much the cost to be incurred to meet the needs of your IT infrastructure? Whereas the fulfillment of the IT infrastructure is increasingly needed as soon as possible, so it requires a clever solution to cope with the high cost of infrastructure investment.

Fortunately there is a most effective way to overcome these problems, the use of private cloud services. By using this service then without having to pay again, you can get the results and effectiveness of the same level or even better than the model of IT in general. Because of these cloud services provide an access can be done directly by using the latest technology and the industry’s most well without having to pay on your own platform. And certainly, if you use this service, then you just need to pay the price with less fixed and unchanging.

Of course, with the right cost that now costs you must pay for the provision of physical servers, and then the cost to lease the data center, the cost of treatment can be resolved easily. So this will reduces expenses of your IT infrastructure provision, and of course now you do not need to pay again for a source of energy, data centers, technical support, maintenance, depreciation, depletion and other costs quite a lot.

To be sure to use the services of private cloud is this internal need for you (as the owner companies and organizations) will be fulfilled, because more IT department will take part as a service provider who will be in charge so that the service can run smoothly in accordance with the quality specified by the company who use these services, both for the platform, infrastructure, and applications available, while for the other departments will play a role as a user.

As an example for the use of private cloud can be seen from its services as follows:

Sass, the service is a Web Application internal, internal Mail Server, SharePoint, and Database Servers are used to meet internal needs. While PaaS is an Operating System that is bundled with the Web Server and Database Framework then that is already provided for internal needs, as for the IaaS is a Virtual Machine which can be requested in accordance with the internal needs of the user.

By using this service of course you as the user data security will be more secure, because all the access you manage yourself. And of course when using a private cloud service then your internet bandwidth will be more efficient at the time the service is accessed from your internal network. In other words, the process of business you run is not currently rely on the internet connection you are using, but rely on local internet connection (intranet). But even so, it uses the service also has a distinct disadvantage. Because if you use this service, so you need a substantial investment, you have to prepare everything. So you will need a workforce to ensure service and maintenance can run well.