What is web content management system (CMS):

A content management system is application which helps to create, organize, process, and publish all kind of data of a website. In other words, content management system (CMS) is software which manage a website.  CMS is a powerful extension to create a dynamic website. CMS store a huge amount of data which may be in form of spread sheet, word document, audio or video form.

If you are not a professional and you are not able to create your own content management system then, there are thousands of CMS software are available in internet. And you have no need to learn CMS in hard way to manage your website. You just need a little knowledge on it.

Top  php based content management system (CMS) software:


WordPress is the world’s best open source content management system. 25% of world’s top ranked websites are build on wordpress. Before wordpress is used only for bloging website. But today wordpress is used to create large type of website. WordPress is user friendly and easy to manage. A huge number of plagins and weigets are available in If you know can code php, then you can modify and enhanced wordpress for better performance. There are thousands of themes; paid and free, you can choose the suitable theme for your website.


Joomla is the world’s most used open source content management source after wordpress. Joomla! is developed by the joomla developed team on 17 August, 2005. Though it is quite familiar with wordpress, it is not much user friendly like wordpress. The installation process is similar to wordpress.


adaptCMS is newer than wordpress and joomla!. adaptCMS content management system is developed by insane visions in 2011. It is open source content management system. The themes and plagins are developed gradually though still the themes and plagins are not available like wordpress and joomla

CMS made simple:

It is the most recently published php based open source content management software which uses mySQL database system. It is normally uses for creating content and communication based website. CMS made simple is developed by ted kulp on 28 july, 2012.

This are the most commonly used cms software. There also popular content management software like php nuke, php fusion, exponent, drupal, express engine. It will be best if you can create your own cms system or you can customize the open source cms software to enhanced the facility and security and to make more user friendly of your website. If you use a open source content management system, then hackers knew the weak point of your website and it will be easy to hack your website.