If in the last year many customers prefer to use the equipment for their servers, now they do not do so! Want to know why? They prefer to buy apps for their companies than do it themselves. Simply by paying a sum of money only, then their company already manages. And of course this method is arguably more efficient because all over has to handle by using an application, though initially many companies are more confident in their own strength, because they do not believe the utility companies that are considered dangerous and make them to have to pay more for electricity. But with the private cloud services are all being changed. Many companies prefer to pay the utility company for their computer, whether it’s to run applications and run their servers, then to access their computers and also do storage.

So what is the private cloud?

This is one model of the cloud based on its infrastructure that has been built well managed and operated by an organization for internal use enterprise that is useful to support the company’s business operations exclusively. By using this service can be very useful for cost reduction, speed troubleshooting, more flexible, and others. Because the service is essentially a computational model for storage, networking, and also a piece of software that is run as a service that is accessed using the network media. And more interesting again is, using this service, then you can access all these things wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.

Which is sure to build a private cloud network, you can use the help of a local network or intranet. And to use it, you can use everything based on open source software such as GNU or Linux is distributed as a service cloud computing and server visualization as proximal. Obviously with the service here could be used as a smart solution to build a reliable computing system that can be used wherever you are.

Although it is very unfortunate if the progress of technology and the development of increasingly advanced IT is not utilized properly. Which now all over the access leading to the concept of social network, share, opens, mobile, collaborations, easy maintenance, scalability, one-click, currency and transparent, and many more that still could be explored in a study such as cloud computing.

Surely with the development of IT this is now all data access can be done anywhere and can be accessed by using a mobile device or a device fixed which of course comes with the Internet cloud as a service for a place to store the data, applications are also a few other things that can be used to download the application, taking data, and can also be used to move to another cloud. Of course with all the conveniences that exist here, allows us to easily provide services that can be accessed with a mobile application. It will provide many advantages both for the provider or user. Because in this way can provide a wide variety of service that can be accessed remotely with parallel and able to run on a wide variety of devices.