Web hosting service is one kind of internet hosting service. It is the process and a way to make a website approachable to everyone through World Wide Web (www). Various companies provide this web hosting service. Choosing a better and fast web hosting service is one of the moat required thing in the world of web business. There are some tips and tricks to choose a fast web hosting service.

This is very challenging to choose the right host for you. Thousands of company will offer you numerous offers. It is very confusing to choose the best suitable service for you. Follow the necessary steps to avoid the confusion:


  1. To pay or not to pay:


         You can find many web hosting service which required zero payments. I think when you are reading this post, you may have already many individual things about web hosting and got confused. So let me go straight. There are two types of web hosting service. One is free web hosting and another is paid web hosting.  The choice of your type web hosting service depends on some important things. First thing is what type of website you want to make for. In the world of website you can see many websites which are free. Most of them are created for personal aspects. You can see that there are a few number of posts in those websites. Generally these types of websites are linked with some one of the biggest web portals like AOL, Yahoo etc.  These are one of the most common hosts of free type if your vision is to set up a website like this, choose a free web hosting service. Then gear up your website with tools and apps such as advanced Email service, community interest portal, photo management software etc. these tools will make your website straight forward to your user and they will find it pretty easy to use.

Well, there are some disadvantages as well. In a free website host service, you have only the right to put up the bannered ads. So any other ads without your host’s banner will not be available for your website. To be honest this little disadvantage will decrease your income a lot. This is the terms and policy of free web hosting services. Standing on this policy your website host is not charging you a penny. Besides, the power of control of your website is very limited in many points. Like you have no control on choosing ads. Your web hosting company will decide it. So now you are getting confused again. Don’t worry. I suggest you, if your first priority is earning money then don’t choose a free hosting website. The paid web hosting services start from $5 per month only. This will be better for you.

Most paid web hosting services will come to you with various packages. There you can get a bundle of offer. You can choose what is suitable for you. The offers does not varies much. Most of the company offers almost the same type of web hosting service. The main difference in these website hosting services are in their storage space and bandwidth. Storage space means your site space capacity and bandwidth means the data transfer and communication system. Some web hosting service will offer you additional Email service. It has POP and Imap solution. Web Email is also another attraction of a pain hosting service. Most of the pain web hosting services have a standard package that is very much affordable.


  1. Know your expectations:


 Basically, there are two level of price in the market of web hosting service. The first one is ranged from $5-$14 and another one is above $15. You can find plenty of web hosting services. But you can easily get confused by the offers. You can see a difference of $1 can change the amount of facilities of a package. You will naturally desire to get that extra. Here comes the point of expectation determination. First you have to make a plan of what type of website do you want to make, that type of contents will be there, what will be the range of publication of the website. These questions will help you to determine the needs of your website such as data storage space, bandwidth service apps, tools etc. as far you can set all things up. You are ready to go to the next step.


  1. Comparison of hosts:


   Once you get the knowledge of your needs. You are ready to make the choice of a hosting service. First search the most popular web hosting services. Now you will be in the final phase of all confusions. The web hosting services offers so much covet-able packages that it is very easy to get confused about your own needs. The solution is making comparison of these services. After searching the popular most web services, now go to their websites. Then go to the plan and package option. Check all the offers and find which offer is matching with your priority. It will be very useful if you make a print out of all the offers and then compare in hand. This all about your cunning how you going to choose the best one suitable for you.



For a web site the important thing is the choice of hosting service. So follow my steps and choose the best one that comforts you and fulfill your needs most.