As an entrepreneur when you will start a local business then you need a website to run your business properly. Before launching a new website, you need to choose best web hosting for your site. Buying a web hosting is one type of investment, so you need to think to get maximum output from that investment. Choosing a good web hosting not only promote your business but also reduce your unexpected cost. If you are looking for a good web hosting provider then read this article carefully. So let start.

Web Hosting Requirement:
Firstly you need to know about your web hosting requirement. You need to think about your local business type, how your customers are connected to your website (Blog, e-Commerce or Information based site), expected daily/monthly/yearly web traffic, does any special application need to install and how much you can pay for web hosting service? During starting a new website, shared hosting will be your smart choice. A shared hosting account is cheap, easy to maintain and sufficient for a newly launched website. In future, you can upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting if you need.

Server Uptime Record:
Server uptime is very important for a website. Different types of things are directly depended on server uptime, just like web traffic, proper site crawling, site ranking, reputation and so on. So before selecting web hosting check their server uptime record. Above 99.5% is recommended but above 99.99% to 100% is best for web hosting service.

Let see a calculation for server downtime over 30 days
100% uptime 0 seconds of downtime within 30 days.
99.9999% uptime 3 seconds of downtime within 30 days.
99.999% uptime 26 seconds of downtime within 30 days.
99.99% uptime 4 minutes and 32 seconds of downtime within 30 days.
99.9% uptime 43 minutes and 20 seconds of downtime within 30 days.
99% uptime 7 hours and 20 minutes of downtime within 30 days.

Customer Support And Technical Feedback:
Any time you may face hosting technical problem then you need technical support. Make sure how fast they respond with their customers, have they skilled person to solve any problem, does they have 24x7x365 online support, which method they offer to contact just like ticket or email or phone call or live chat?

Web Hosting Cost And Renewal Prices:
Before buying web hosting, you need to consider both price and features offered by a web hosting company. Normally most of the web hosting company offer an economical price for new signup but they charge higher for renewal prices. Don’t forget that your web hosting price is your invest money and you need to profit on it. For this reason, you need to check TOS (Terms of Services), signup prices and renewal prices before buying a new web hosting. You can also check that they support any discount coupon for renewal prices?

User Friendly Web Hosting Control Panel:
A user friendly web hosting control panel is very important to manage your hosting properly. Make sure have there all functions available in the control panel, is it user friendly?

E-commerce Features:
For an E-commerce website, you need lots of business transaction, SSL certification, dedicated IP and shopping cart. Make sure that the web hosting company has E-commerce ready feature which is very important part of your small business website.

Email Features:
For your small business website, you should need lots of address. Just make sure how many email address does the web hosting company offer, does there any additional charge need to pay, how much secure their email server, does support POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Autoresponder and Email forwarding features?

Website Backup:
For different types of reason, you may lose your website. For this reason, you need to sure does the web hosting company provide full backup regularly, do they charge any additional price for backup, how much frequently they backup a website and how to access created backups?

Server Upgrade Options:
As a newbie entrepreneur shared hosting will sufficient for your small business website. But you need to keep in mind that your business is growing day by day. After few years or when your website become established, then you need to upgrade your web hosting plan. Before selecting a web hosting company check their upgrade plans and features.

Hardware And Used Technology:
Hardware and used technology are very important to ensure maximum speed of your website. Make sure which hardware and technologies they use? For example, Solid State Drives (SSD) gives 20x faster performance than the traditional hard drives.

Security by Web Hosting Provider:
Every web hosting company has its own security system. Make sure how the hosting security works against hackers and spammers?

Multiple Addon Domains:
Addon domain feature will be necessary when you want to reserve domain names. You may need multiple domains for your business campaign or other purposes. For this reason, check how many addon domains the hosting company allowed as parked domains?

FTP Access:
FTP access is very important for a website. You may need to transfer different types of files to your hosting server then you need FTP access. So make sure does the web hosting company support FTP access?

Supported Languages:
For website development, you may need to use different types of programming languages. For example, PHP, Ruby, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python etc. Make sure which languages they support?

Disk Space And Data Transfer (Bandwidth) Capacity:
Disk space depends on of your site’s content type. For high quality image, video or large size files you need huge disk space. Make sure how much disk space they offer for a hosting account? Bandwidth is important for web traffic. If your website’s average unique visitors 500 per day, average 5 page views per visitor and average web page size is 60 kb then you need 4.50 GB bandwidth in the current month. Make sure does the web hosting company offer unlimited bandwidth?

Refund Policy:
You may decide to cancel your web hosting within a trial period, does the web hosting company give full money return to you? Actually most of the web hosting company claim to offer a money back guarantee but only some of them refunded when you cancel the account. You need to check the web hosting company’s refund policy. Always avoid that companies which charge high cost. Good web hosting offers anytime money back guarantee.

Free Tutorial:
You can easily solve any simple problem and you don’t need to hire a web developer. Check how many tutorial resources (text, video) are available to solve a technical problem.

Other Features:
Make sure does they support some other features just like CDN (Content Delivery Network), auto script installer, .Htaccess access, custom nameservers, subdomain, pre-installed application?

I think after reading this article you will get enough information about how to choose the best web hosting. If you have any question then you can ask through the comment box below.