Want to do the online works but confuse to find a reliable web host? Look,though this is a very simple matter you have to be careful for choosing the right one for your websites. It is very important for websites, what kind of hosting you are choosing or the performance of the web hosting service you using. Depending on it, the quality of your websites is depending. if your web hosting company provide you low quality hosting, your website will slow down and you have to cost a lot. i assure you after reading this you will be free from your all confusions. Steps to follow:


  1. Face your needs:

You can’t get the best web host unless you don’t try to think about your needs. First think about this and ask your self-

* What kind of website you building?

* is windows applications are needed?

* is a special version of software is needed?

* What will be the traffic volume?


  1. The record of server uptime:

You need to find a host which gives you 24*7 operating facilities. The server must need to be powerful with a continuous network connection. The ratio for the uptime score is 99%-99.5%. Anything below 99% is never accepted. There are many ways to get the info. Server monitor tools are one of them. go google and get the software.


  1. Multiple add-on domains:

Try to find the cheapest domain service. You can have more than one domain. All you need some extra spaces. So it is very important to have multiple domains. Most web hosting companies allows up to 25 domains. Never forget to check the domain capacity before purchase.

Some popular domains are-

  • FatCow,
  • GreenGeeks,
  • Hostgator,
  • iPage,
  • SiteGround, and
  • WebHostingHub


  1. Server upgrades options:

Now a days web hosts are very powerful. You need 3000-4000 visitors for a well optimizes website. Try to maintain your concurrent database below 20. As you are expecting to grow your website very fast. So always upgrade your website.


  1. Renewal prices:

Always try to post ads in a very affordable price. Normally host sell very cheap signup prices and charge much higher in renewal. it’s the rule of their business. Always switch to a new host after a period of time (two or three years). This is the best way to avoid that extra charges.


  1. Refund policy:

It is very important to know that if your hosting company provide refund facility or not. Check that if you cancel the service then the company gives you your money back or demands extra charges for cancelation. Check their refund policy very well.

  1. Cron Jobs, Auto Script Installer, .htaccess, and Server Side Include:

These are the basic web hosting features. Check that if your company giving you these services or not.


  1. e-commerce features:

If you are running an e-commerce website then you need a business transaction process. Then pick up an website that gives you e-commerce feature support, SSl certification, dedicated IP, one click shopping cart etc.


  1. Site backup:

Crashing of website is a big problem. Now a days hackers create problems as well. Check that your hosting provider gives you a proper site back up or not.


  1. Easy hosting panel:

Give a look that you are choosing the easiest cPanel sufficient web host or not. The more easy to use cPanel, the more enjoyable to operate the website.

  1. Environmental friendly:

This is the primary concern. A web server emits 630 kg of co2 and consumes 1000 kWh energy per year. It you are not caring about nature then you’re the reason for the troubles that we all are facing. Try to choose an eco-friendly server.