If you are willing to set up a website the first thing you need is a web hosting service. Well in that case if you are curious about overcoming the first step of building up a website now you must know that there are numerous types of web hosting services. If you search online you can find a lot of blogs and reviews about web hosting services. You can easily get confused. So to throw away all the confusions here I’m giving you a brief definition and the differences between the web hosting services.

The first thing you need to know. What is web hosting? Web hosting is a service that hosts websites to access via World Wide Web. There are the basic types of web hosting services. This are-

  • Dedicated web hosting;
  • Virtual web hosting; and
  • Co-located web hosting.



These types are generally can be differentiated depending on the users requirement and the offers provided by the web hosts. To select a web host first you question those web hosting services the following questions-

1* how many people they are serving currently?

2* how many years has passed of them remaining in the business?

3* what is there customer service reputation?

4* how much hardware specifications they have?

5* how is there back up service?

Let’s go to the points-

  • Dedicated web hosting service:

       From the name it is easy to guess how this web hosting service works. A dedicated web hosting service is a type of web host that provides service to an individual website only. The management is divided in to two parts. The service provider manages the maintenance, back up processes, safety issues and power management. The website owned handles the software specifications only. If you have a big website that needs some extra bandwidth and some extra space for the resources then a dedicated web hosting service is a perfect option for you. It is best for those web sites which gets too much traffic and uses technology such as e-commerce software. A dedicated web hosting service can easily be maintained by windows, mac, Linux. It is a little bit costly almost 100$ per month.


  • Virtual web hosting service:

   Basically a virtual web hosting service is a shared web hosting service. It is very popular because of its cost efficiency. It provides service to more than one website at a time. The small and medium websites are the beneficial of this web hosting service. It allows a limited bandwidth and storage space for the website owners. As medium and small websites do not have a lot of traffic so they can easily manage with the limited resources. It provides all the basic components such as internet connections, domain name, web designing etc. you can have a virtual web hosting service with a cost of 5-40$ per month. But it is always dependent on the offers that the web hosting service is providing.


  • Co-located web hosting service:

 Co-located web hosting service is a different type of web hosting service. It is cheaper than the virtual web hosting service. The most exciting thing is the website owners do not own any server. It is a rental process. You can have the maximum use of the server without owning that. The web hosting server provides telecom lines and you have the freedom to choose any one. It provides a huge amount of bandwidth and storage space at a cheaper price as you are renting that thing. Routers, VPN, Wan etc. use co-located web hosting service.