In this world, there are always some alternatives to everything. This quote is also belongs to web hosting Services. In my previous article I’ve discussed about shared web hosting service. In this article I’m going to tell what are the key things you need to know about dedicated web hosting service. I hope it will help you to choose the right one for you.

If you search for web hosting services almost every result that you going to find are about shared web hosting services. The websites you see are running by a shared web hosting service. It means the server that the website is using is also hosting many more. It is because doing this is less costly. But with this you have to tolerate some unwanted issues like technical difficulties, storage issues, bandwidth issues, uploading and downloading issues etc. but above all, the most important thing is the security issue. Your website and the contents are not secured there. Another main issue is controlling. You will not have the total control of your website.

If you need the total control of the website administration then sharing web hosting services are not your fields to play. So what can you do now? As I’ve said before there is always an alternative. You have the option to get a very useful web hosting service named dedicated web hosting service.

The main feature of dedicated web hosting service is its controlling power. You will have the full control of your website. Beside this there are three more important features that dedicated web hosting service offers. These are –

  • Speed:

Imagine the viewers of your website having an unwanted slowness when they are visiting your contents. So what will happen you think? The answer is you will lose visitors slowly. In a shared web hosting service it is quite a natural thing. As the load is very much there the web contents forced to take more time for loading. A dedicated web hosting service relieves you from this problem and assures the minimum speed to load a web page.

  • Safety & Reliability:

Assume that you are running a website and the web features, controlling system and the contents that you have are always at a risk of multiple things like malware, hacking etc. Is not it very much irritating? In a shared web hosting service it is a very common problem. As a same server is shared by many persons the safety is not at its top. It is because you do not have the full authority of your server administration. It is also shared. But in a dedicated web hosting service you will have the full controlling power. So it is safer than the shared one.

  • Customizability:

Imagine about the time when your website is growing high. It is having a large number of viewers. What will happen then? Your viewers’ management will start lagging. To encounter this problem you need to upgrade your system like increase bandwidth and storage space etc. but in a shared hosting everything comes in a definite package. There is a less chance to upgrade things. A dedicated web hosting service allows this feature and makes it more reliable.