There are lots of web hosting service providers. InMotion Hosting is one of them. This hosting service provider is very popular for its uptime and customer service. You can choose InMotion Hosting as your hosting provider to get some extra benefits just like free SSD (solid state drive) drives, free data backup, max speed zone, free domain, 90 days money back guarantee, easy Google apps integration and so on. If you are a user of this hosting company then this tutorial will be helpful to you. Today I am going to share how to connect FileZilla to your InMotion Hosting cPanel/server.

FileZilla is a very popular FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Program. It is free, simple and very easy to use. Download FileZilla and install it into your computer for next step.

Now how to configure FileZilla for cPanel
Firstly open FileZilla program. Then click on the top left site button where it says Open the Site Manager.


Then click New Site and give a name for the site. Then fill up FTP connection information. You can get the information from mail inbox which mail address you have used to set up the site or login into your hosting AMP (Account Management Panel) >> Account Technical Details. Then copy paste the required information into FileZilla.


Port: 21
Protocol: FTP – File Transfer Protocol
Encryption: Use plain FTP
Login Type: Normal
User: your cPanel user name
Password: your cPanel password
Account: Blank
Comments: Blank

After filling up all information correctly then click the Connect button. FileZilla automatically connects to the cPanel. After successful connection to cPanel, you can see the server files loaded successfully. Now you can upload/edit any file in the server.

Here is some common technical problem with the solution.

Problem-1: You can not find out the login details for cPanel.
Solution: Check out your mail inbox that you have used for WordPress website setup. During WordPress site set up detail information has sent to the user mail address. So don’t worry, firstly check your mail inbox.

Problem-2: The provided password is not working.
Solution: Login InMotion Hosting AMP (Account Management Panel). Then click Reset Password (right side of the cPanel icon). After reset use the new password for cPanel login.

Problem-3: You are using CloudFlare service and FileZilla is not working.
Solution: If you use CloudFlare then you may face connection error problem. For this problem, you need to use another server host name. Login InMotion Hosting AMP (Account Management Panel) and click Account Technical Details. Here you can find an alternative server host name, which is starting as… Now change the previous hostname with the new one.

I hope this tutorial has helped you. If you face any problem then you can ask the question through the comment box below.