Colocation center web hosting service is as similar as shared web hosting service where you can get unlimited space, bandwidth. But the difference between colocation and shared web hosting service is it will give you a physical security for all of your equipment’s and connect you with various telecommunication and network service provider in cheaper rate and complexity.

Well colocation hosting service gives special benefit to the small businessmen. It allows you to access all the features of a well-developed IT structure with paying any high rate. To maintain a highly and most precisely furnished IT structure you need to appoint a bunch of professionals. But it is a matter of huge cost also. Colocation web hosting service allows you to get all these facilities without any payment.



         By a colocation hosting service you can get the allowance of using someone others space and bandwidth as your own. Well it will cost you more than a free web hosting service but practically will all the highly decorated features included, the rate is very low. You can set up your machine in the provider’s rack or you can rent a machine from then. They will give you a bandwidth, an IP address and power to run these.




 * The cost of the bandwidth is the biggest benefit. Generally the lowest cost of a common bandwidth is 150 to 200 bucks but in a colocation service you can get a high definition bandwidth in the same rate.


* Security is one of the main thing of a web hosting service. a colocation web hosting service gives maximum notice on security. Moreover, the power supply system of this is mind blowing. a colocation web hosting service gives you a three days of nonstop backup supply without electricity.


* Colocation web hosting service belongs automatic server up gradation. If your memory is get shorten to run the service it will automatically upgrade your server.


* In a colocation web hosting service you do not need to depend on your service provider for software updates. It gives the opportunity to upgrade all the software’s with all your own.


* Some colocation service provider provides the facility of maintaining your server by themselves with some additional costs.




* These are very hard to find. Because it is one of the most desired one for any new comers. It is less costly. This is the reason.


* the main problem is the maintaining system is not automatic. it is manual. you have to go through all on your own.